SPIMGE Premieres “That Summer Feeling”

“A little slice of Western Mass life in the summer, before we bid it adieu for the year: Northampton porch life; the wistful glories of the cornfields that line the mighty Connecticut River, where ropes are swung upon, canoes are canoed, and cigars are chomped; Summer in the Pioneer Valley, where true love is found and warmly inebriated memories are lost! In other words, a toe-sucking hippy shit-show flower-power clusterfuck! To the impeccably nostalgic tune of ‘That Summer Feeling’ by the one and only troubadour genius of Boston, Jonathan Richman.”

Read more: http://speakimge.com/exclusive-premiere-workman-song-covers-that-summer-feeling-playing-welcome-campers/


Wild Honey Pie Premieres “This One’s For The Kids”

‘In the midst of sweeping piano, crunchy guitars and pleas for today’s youth to emulate Jesus Christ, Workman Song’s “This One’s for the Kids” has beautifully captured the sense of ennui and mania that’s swept our country since last November.’

Read: http://www.thewildhoneypie.com/workman-song-embraces-alter-ego-on-this-ones-for-the-kids-premiere/

Watch “This One’s For The Kids”: